Unlike other consultancy firms, we specialise in Data and Analytics.  It is central to everything we do – not simply an add-on to another product.  We won’t be trying to sell you a new CRM, ERP or business integration solution, all we want to do is unlock the potential of your data and transform it into actionable information.  Since we don’t dilute our focus, we offer a depth of knowledge where other companies struggle.  We built our company to help companies turn data into actionable analytics and our ethos is to deliver results fast in agile sprints.

Our sprint approach is designed to be extremely flexible and offers a holistic data and analytics strategy to reach your goal.  Sprints are delivered in just ten days and will deliver amazing reports and dashboards that will be fully functional to be consumed by the business.  That means that we can deliver business value from the very first sprint – so you don’t need to commit a large budget from day one just to get results.


Sprint Duration Cost
May include:

Ingestion and modelling of defined data sources

Business ready templated reports and dashboards

Corporate branded theme creation

Best practice guidance and training for key analysts

Production of a roadmap strategy

Fully documented model and reports



10 Days




We focus our efforts on Microsoft and Tableau, which cover virtually any reporting need a business may have.  We chose these tools because we believe they are the best toolkits on the market today, so why settle for second best?


Why Microsoft

For companies using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft is the obvious, cost-effective choice of platform.  Typically, using Microsoft will require fewer additional licences and will have guaranteed compatibility with the data platform, full interaction with Microsoft’s Azure cloud, and full interoperability with Microsoft Office.  Best of all, Microsoft is a leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant.

Power BI offers one of the fastest and most powerful ways to produce compelling, interactive content from a wide variety of data sources.  Often, though, bringing together those sources and making sense of them can be bewildering.  Our consultants are fully trained in all aspects of data modelling and reporting in Power BI, so are ready to help you tame your data.

Dynamics 365 may seem like just another data source.  But it isn’t.  The nature of the application means that specialist skills are needed to interrogate the data there.  Our consultants are all trained in Microsoft Dynamics, rather than just BI.  As a result, they can unlock insights from your Dynamics 365 tenancy that “traditional” BI consultants can’t.


Why Tableau

Tableau has led the Gartner quadrant for many years and our consultants have lived that journey.  Our expertise in Tableau and Microsoft means we can always guide you to the right solution for your business, rather than pushing one solution.  Tableau offers a standalone Business Intelligence solution that can function of a wide range of data sources.  It is especially useful where, for whatever reason, the Microsoft stack doesn’t meet your business needs.  Our Tableau consultants have experience in implementations in a wide variety of sectors and organisations.


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